Civil & Concrete Construction


Granvillle Harbour Wind Farm | Vestas | Granville Harbour, TAS | 2019 - 2020

Granville Harbour Wind Farm is located on Granville Farm on the West Coast of Tasmania.

The Granville Harbour Wind Farm site is approximately 840 hectares and is located on an elevated basalt cap of improved graving pasture, 1.5km inland from the coast and will consist of 31 wind turbine generators.

Lucas TCS and RJE Global Pty Ltd formed a consortium which was responsible for the design and construction of all associated civil and electoral infrastructure required to operate, branded as the LRC Consortium and reporting to Vestas the EPC contractor.

The scope of work specific to Lucas TCS consisted of the following:

  • 31 Wind Turbine Foundations
  • 19km of road construction
  • Design and construct Operations & Maintenance building
  • Heemskirk Road Intersection upgrade

Each of the turbine footings will support 200m high wind turbines with each footing approximately 4m deep and 20m in diameter, containing approximately 700m3 of concrete and 80 tonnes of steel reinforcement.

The Bend Motorsport Park | Peregrine Corporation | Tailem Bend, SA | 2016 - 2020

In 2016 Lucas TCS was awarded construction of the Main Racing Circuit (MRC) at The Bend Motorsport Park, one of the most significant developments in Australian Motorsport history.

The MRC is Australia’s only circuit to comply with the latest FIA Grade 2 and FIM Category A standards and at 7.7km is the second longest permanent race track in the world.

The MRC was awarded with a fixed end date which was driven by CAMS approval deadlines and the first scheduled national event, so adherence to the construction program and achieving track certification was of the utmost importance.

The project involved hard rock excavation and cut and fill of over 500,000m3 of material, 200,000t of onsite won material for pavement construction, 9km of barriers and debris fencing, 6km of kerbing and thousands of metres of stormwater drainage.

The circuit itself combines 35 technical corners, fast flowing sections, a 1km long main straight, 15m wide, a 54m long emergency underpass and an aggregate rise and fall of 85 metres, all constructed from a greenfield site on a bed of sheet rock.

The MRC project was delivered on time and completed within the budget constraints, and to highlight the construction excellence, quality, innovation and team approach that Lucas TCS adopted to the project a further 20 major and minor work packages across the site were awarded.

Construction of the MRC won a State Civil Contractors Federation Earth Award in 2018 for construction excellence.

Some of the other contracts that were awarded to Lucas TCS included the following:

  • Internal Road Construction
  • Stadium/Go Kart Circuit
  • Carpark E
  • Eastern Paddock Area
  • Fuel Distribution Centre
  • Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Northern Paddock Carpark
  • Pit Building Earthworks
  • Rally and 4WD Track
  • The Bend Caravan Park
  • The Bend ‘On The Run’ Service Station Civils
  • The Bend ‘On The Run’ Service Station Stage 2 Civils and Concrete
  • The Bend Paddock Area 2
  • Paddock Area South
  • West Bethlehem Carpark

Cultana Training Area Redevelopment | St Hilliers | Whyalla, SA | 2017-2019

Lucas TCS were engaged by St Hillier to construct all civil works and services onsite for the Cultana Training Area Redevelopment Project.

The works called for a mixture of bulk and detailed civil construction works and included the construction of a road network exceeding 17km, large staging areas and training facilities for operations, vehicle wash bay, range control infrastructure and the construction of a heavy-duty fibre concrete road.

Key statistics for the project included the following:

  • 13,250m³ of concrete installed,
  • 470t of reo,
  • 310,000m³ of earthworks excavated/moved,
  • 210,000t (49,000 BFS) of material crushed,
  • 16.9km plus internal roads in Village constructed,
  • 275,000m² of pavement installed,
  • 775,000m² of vegetation cleared, 1
  • 3,700m² of concrete hardstand (VWP),
  • Deep excavations of approx 15m in Quarry & UOTF Borrow pit,
  • 255t of steel fibres installed in pavement,
  • 1580m of stormwater installed,
  • Approx 9t per blast of explosive used with the largest explosive excavation area at 100x100m.

The project included establishing water infrastructure, proving and developing onsite quarry services and the crushing and screening of approximately 200,000 tonnes of various road base materials.

Bickford Terrace Major Drainage Project | The City of Holdfast Bay | Adelaide, SA | 2017-2018

The Bickford Terrace Major Drainage Project was an initiative of The Council in response to their Stormwater Management Plan and floodplain mapping which demonstrated that during an extreme weather event there was a risk to flooding in a number of areas within the suburb of Somerton Park.

After major ponding of stormwater occurred within Tarlton Street and Bickford Terrace, modelling showed that a major outfall was required to collect flows to substantially reduce the extent of flooding and prevent overflow of floodwaters further north.
Lucas TCS were awarded the contract by proposing micro tunnelling to install the 220m pipe instead of traditional open cut excavation construction techniques which would have been difficult to construct due to the depth required.

A large 83m long culvert (1.8m x 3.6m holding 530KL) detention/storage unit was constructed under the road of Bickford Terrace, designed to retain water during large weather events and then discharge to the beach.

Using a Guided Boring System over 220m of pipe was hydraulically jacked, in some areas 9m under ground level, to the precise line and level required.  This trenchless installation method ensured Lucas TCS achieved on-grade accuracy whilst eliminating some of the difficulties associated with open cut excavation.

By utilising trenchless technology, CO2 emissions for the project were cut by over 84% and continuous access to 30 properties was kept within a minimal construction footprint.

This project won a State and National CCF Earth Award and an IPWEA Award in 2018 for construction excellence.

The New Royal Adelaide Hospital Project

Being involved with South Australia's largest infrastructure project has been a highlight for the Lucas TCS Civil team. The New Royal Adelaide Hospital Project is currently under construction and is set to be completed in 2016. Lucas TCS were engaged by HYLC Joint Venture to undertake the Ground Works Excavation and Back Fill Zones Stage 1, for this project which was successfully completed in November 2014. In addition to the Stage 1 Project, Lucas TCS was successful in an additional contract and is currently engaged with HYLC for Stage 2 of the project for External Works.


Contract Mining


Mt Cattlin Spodumene Project | Galaxy Lithium Australia Ltd | Ravensthorpe, WA | 2020 - 2023

Lucas TCS is engaged by Galaxy Lithium Australia Ltd for load and haul services for the open-pit mining of the flat-lying pegmatite ore body.

Mining is undertaken using hydraulic excavator and truck operations, delivering ore to the Run of Mine (ROM) stockpiles for crushing and processing in the dense medium separation (DMS) gravity recovery circuit to produce a high quality lithium concentrate.

The scope of works Lucas TCS undertakes is the load, haul and re-handle of ore, waste rock as well as stockpile management, haul road construction and rehabilitation through to 2023.

Over 6 million BCM of ore and waste is scheduled for mining from two large open pits.

Lucas TCS operate a 200t and 120t excavator, a fleet of CAT 777 rigid dump trucks and ancillary support equipment.

The scope of work also includes support for Galaxy’s mineral processing plant with secondary breakage and haulage of rejects.

Iron Baron Mining | SIMEC Mining (formerly Arrium) | Whyalla, SA | 2011-2018

Lucas TCS undertook the contract mining, crushing, screening and rehandle at the SIMEC Mining Iron Baron Iron Ore Mine near Whyalla, South Australia from 2011 to 2018.

Lucas TCS commenced operations at Iron Baron in 2011 working closely with SIMEC Mining, reopening pits, constructing all haul roads, ROM Pads and train load out facilities from what was a Brownfield site.

Our contract works included:

  • Drill and blast
  • Load and haul
  • Crushing and screening
  • Train loading and side casting
  • Rehandle
  • Civil works including roads, ROM Pads, train load out facilities and miscellaneous works.

Mining was undertaken across multiple pits with various fleet deployed.

The initial contract saw Lucas TCs mine 2.3 million tonnes per annum with a total of 16 Mtpa over the duration of the initial 5 year contract.

In 2016, Lucas TCS worked closely with SIMEC to increase production from 3.2 Mtpa to 6 Mtpa, designing and constructing a $25m crushing facility that was able to cope with the increased volumes.

The project operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and was supported by our dedicated management, operations and maintenance team.

In response to commodity price challenges, Lucas TCS worked collaboratively with SIMEC Mining (formerly Arrium) to develop an Alliance Contract Model which delivered approximately 20% saving to the client.

White Dam Mining | Polymetals, EXCO JV & CopperChem | Broken Hill, NSW | 2011-2017


Lucas TCS undertook the Contract Mining and Civil earthworks for the Polymetals/EXCO Joint Venture at the White Dam Gold Mine approximately 90km from Broken Hill, NSW.

After mobilising in 2009, Lucas transformed the greenfields site to an operational mine with the first gold produced seven months from the commencement of construction.

During the initial three year contract, Lucas TCS constructed the HDPE lined leach pads, solution channels and leachate ponds, process plant earthworks and access road earthworks.

Project mining works were undertaken over a 30-month period and an extension to the contract was awarded for a second satellite pit bringing the total mined volume to over 4.8 million BCM.

The second contract for Copperchem involved the expansion of the two existing open pits over a 12 month duration.

Over 1.2 million tonnes of ore was crushed and screened to minus 12mm on a double shift operation that included dosing of lime, rehandle to the leach pad and pushing out to design profile.

Contract mining services included:

  • Drill and blast
  • Load and haul
  • Ore stacking on leach pad
  • Lime dosing of ore
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Technical services (short term planning, D&B design and surveying)

The project was completed with no LTI’s and the client achieved higher than budgeted gold recovery.

Mindarie Mineral Sands Mine | Murray Zircon | Loxton, SA | 2012-2015

Lucas TCS performed the earthmoving at the Mindarie ‘C’ Mineral Sands project in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia for Murray Zircon.

The earthmoving services included site establishment, topsoil stripping, earthmoving, ore mining, process plant feed, tailings cell construction and progressive rehabilitation.

Operating a large fleet of scrapers, hydraulic excavators and rigid haul trucks in a production earthmoving operation, the company undertook all topsoil, subsoil, overburden and ore mining activities along with progressive rehabilitation moving over 16 million BCM of overburden and progressively rehabilitating over 12km along the mine path.

This was achieved through operating a large capacity scraper, hydraulic excavator and rigid dump truck fleet to bulk mine the overburden and expose the high-grade ore.

Over 7 million tonnes of ore was mined using scrapers and wheel loaders to ensure continuous feed to the client’s processing plant.

To ensure minimal dilution of the high-grade ore body, Lucas TCS operated precision machine control GPS systems on graders and dozers to maintain the mining horizon accurately to design.

Lucas TCS worked closely with Murray Zircon to identify operational changes and efficiencies that could be implemented to lower the total site operating cost.

Working with the client, Lucas TCS identified operational changes such as moving the Slurry Mining Unit (SMU) which would save the client operating costs of 15% and reduced congestion within the mine path, allowing for more efficient haul routes and increased production output from the existing mine fleet.

Wonawinta Silver Mine | Cobar Consolidated Resources | Cobar, NSW | 2012-2014

Lucas TCS undertook the contract mining and crushing and screening at the Wonawinta Silver Mine Site, located 80km south of Cobar in New South Wales for Cobar Consolidated Resources.

The Wonawinta mine was the largest pure silver project in Australia at the time and Lucas TCS were contracted to move 16 million BCM of overburden and ore.

The contract involved all load and haul activities, drill and blast, grade control drilling, process plant feed and construction of the tailings storage facility.

Lucas TCS commenced mining with a fleet of Caterpillar 657 Twin Power scrapers and transitioned to a 200T excavator and a Caterpillar 777 Rigid Dumptruck fleet.

At peak a total of 70 personnel were involved in the project with mining undertaken on a 24 hour operation.

The orebody was complex in nature which required drill and blast and selective mining methodologies to minimise ore dilution.

Lucas TCS also undertook many of the civil construction contracts onsite, including all haul roads and the construction of stage 1 of the Tailings Storage Facility, which covered an area of approximately 49ha, with a foot print of 700m x 700m


Quarrying and Crushing


Suez-ResourceCo Dandenong | Suez-ResourceCo | Hampton Park, VIC | 2012-2021

Lucas TCS were contracted in 2012 by Suez ResourceCo to crush and screen 140,000 tonnes of recycled concrete per annum.  The following products are crushed and screened to the VicRoads Recycled Crushed Concrete Specification:

  • 20mm Recycled Rubble (Class 2, 3 & 4)
  • 40mm Recycled Rubble (Class 3 & 4)
  • 20mm - 50mm Rubble
  • 10mm Recycled Asphalt
  • 20mm Recycled Asphalt

As demand has grown, Lucas TCS have grown with the clients needs, crushing and screening 260,000 tonnes of recycled concrete in 2019.  Our contract has been extended twice based on our demonstrated capability and capacity to support their growing business.

Lucas TCS mobilised a large mobile tracked jaw crusher and tracked screening plant to site to supplement the mobile impact crusher and increase production in excess of 330,000 tonnes per annum.  This gives Suez ResourceCo the ability to continue to grow their sales and know they can count on us flex to demand.

The plant used on the project consists of the following:

  • Metso LT3054 tracked Jaw Crusher
  • Metso LT1213s tracked impact crusher
  • Metso ST3.8 tracked screening plant
  • Hitachi ZX490 Excavator
  • 2x 80 foot tracked material stackers

Iron Baron All-in fines Iron Ore Crushing | SIMEC Mining | Whyalla, SA | 2019-2020

In 2019, Lucas TCS returned to Iron Baron after being contracted by SIMEC to crush and screen over 1.2Mtpa (million tonnes per annum) of iron ore to all-in minus 14mm fines over a 12 month period.

In order to deliver the 130,000 tonnage requirements per month, Lucas TCS mobilised our large capacity modular Metso crushing and screening plant.  This plant had previously demonstrated its capability on this site successfully undertaking a lump and fines contract for Arrium Mining.  By adding a new HP4 Cone Crusher, Lucas TCS were able configure the plant to meet the all-in minus 14mm fines specification and increase capacity to exceed production requirements by 35%.

The plant used on the project consisted of the following:

  • Metso VF661 Primary Feeder
  • Metso C125 Primary Jaw
  • Metso ES403 Control Screen (6m x 2.4m)
  • Metso ES403 Secondary Screen (6m x 2.4m)
  • 1 x Metso HP400 Tertiary Cone Crusher
  • 1 x Metso HP4 Secondary Cone Crusher
  • 42m Radial Stacker
  • Control room
  • 2 x Switch rooms (all electrical to mine spec)
  • Primary Crusher Ramp Structure
  • 3 x 450 KVA Genset Power bank
  • 1 x CAT 992 front end loader

Carrapateena Surface Crushing and Screening | OZ Minerals | Near Port Augusta | 2019-2020

In 2019 Lucas TCS were engaged for the mobile surface crushing and screening at the Carrapateena Mine Site.

The scope of works included the surface crushing and material movement of ore received from underground mining activities to support the period between the first ore mined and commissioning of the underground materials handling system.

The scope of work included:

  • Reclaim/Crushing from raw feed to pre-production stockpile
  • Re-handle to Mineral Processing Plant Feed (MPP)
  • Re-feed hopper to MPP Coarse Ore Stockpile

To date over 350,000t of copper bearing ore has been primary crushed with our jaw crusher and progressively rehandled and fed into the MPP.  The crushing and screening crew work closely with OZ Minerals to support them during commissioning and ramp up of the Carrpateena Mineral Processing Plant.  Demand for rehandle and re-feed vary between day and night shift dependent on the underground mine plan and plant commissioning progress.

Through our experience in crushing recycled products, we were able to make modifications to the mobile jaw crusher prior to mobilisation to handle and remove tramp steel from underground sources, such as drill rods, rock bolts and roof support.  This ensures the cleanest possible ore is fed to the MPP to reduce the risk of plant downtime.

The plant used on the project consisted of the following:

  • Metso LT3054 tracked Jaw Crusher
  • 1 x Hitachi 47 tonne excavator
  • 1 x CAT 992 front end loader
  • 1 x CAT 988 front end loader
  • 1 x CAT 777 rigid dump truck
  • Tracked and wheeled material stackers

Dozers and watercarts as required

Iron Baron Fixed Plant Crushing and Screening | SIMEC Mining | Whyalla, SA | 2011-2018

Lucas TCS undertook the contract crushing, screening, rehandle train loading at the SIMEC Mining Iron Baron Iron Ore Mine near Whyalla, South Australia from 2011 to 2018.

Lucas TCS were contracted to process 6 Mtpa of iron ore and works included the following:

  • Crushing and screening (lump and fines / all-in fines)
  • Load, haul and stockpiling of post crushed product
  • Train loading
  • Feed SIMEC Ore Beneficiation Plant (OBP)

In 2016 Lucas TCS worked closely with SIMEC to increase production from 3.2 Mtpa up to 7 Mtpa, designing and constructing a $25m Lucas TCS owned crushing facility that was custom designed to deliver the increased volumes and ensure the highest quality of final iron ore product. 

The key capacity and performance parameters for the crushing plant are:

  • 1,350 to 1,500 tonnes/hr throughput
  • Up to 7 million tonne per annum production capacity
  • Ability to produce two iron ore products
  • Lump and Fines
  • All-in fines (for Ore Benefication Plant feed)
  • Direct tipping of CAT 777 (90t payload) rigid dump trucks to crusher hopper - significantly reduced rehandle costs to the client.

The fixed and mobile plant consisted of the following components:

  • 1 x Thyssen Krupp apron feeder
  • 1 x Metso VG645-3V vibrating grizzly feeder
  • 1 x Metso C150 primary jaw crusher
  • 3 x Haver Boecker TD 2400 x 9750 mm Double Deck Screens Modules
  • 2 x Sandvik CH660 M/EC gyratory cone crushers
  • 2 x Masaba 42x150 Magnum radial stackers
  • 3 x CAT 992 front end loaders (train loading)
  • 2 x CAT 988 front end loaders (OBP feed)

3 x CAT 777’s (rehandle post crush to rail head)

Carrapateena Mine Area Borrow Pit Operations | OZ Minerals | Near Port Augusta, SA | 2018

Lucas TCS were engaged by OZ Minerals to design, establish and process raw feed material from the Mine Area Borrow Pit (MABP) for the Carrapateena Project. 

Operating the borrow pit on a 24 hours continuous basis, Lucas TCS undertook all site clearing, topsoil and overburden stripping, drilling, blasting, crushing and screening and QA/QC of final products to ensure compliance with client specification to NATA geotechnical certification. 

A total of 420,000 tonnes of pavement sub base, select fill and rock armour was produced from the borrow pit for use in the construction of the Carrapateena Mine Processing Plant.

The plant used on the project consisted of the following:

  • Metso LT3054 Tracked Jaw Crusher
  • Metso LT300GP Tracked Cone Crusher
  • Metso ST4.8 Tracked Screen
  • Metso ST2.8 Tracked Reclaimer
  • 1 x Hitachi 47 tonne excavator
  • 1 x Komatsu 30 tonne excavator
  • 1 x CAT 988 front end loader
  • 1 x CAT 980 front end loader
  • 1 x CAT D10 dozer
  • 1 x Atlas Copco F9 Blasthole drill
  • 1 x ANFO mobile manufacturing unit

White Dam Crushing & Screening | Polymetals, EXCO JV and CopperChem | Broken Hill, NSW | 2011-2017

Lucas TCS undertook the Crushing & Screening for the Polymetals/EXCO Joint Venture at the White Dam Gold Mine approximately 90km from Broken Hill, NSW.

Project mining works were undertaken over a 30-month period and an extension to the contract was awarded for a second satellite pit bringing the total mined volume to over 4.8 million BCM.

The second contract for CopperChem involved the expansion of the two existing open pits over a 12 month duration.

Over 1.2 million tonnes of ore was crushed and screened to minus 12mm on a double shift operation that included dosing of lime, rehandle to the leach pad and pushing out to design profile.

Contract crushing services included:

  • Crushing of gold bearing ore to minus 12mm
  • Lime dosing of ore
  • Rehandle of ore to leach pad
  • Ore stacking on leach pad to final design

Plant deployed for the crushing services included:

  • Metso VF661 Primary Feeder
  • Metso C125 Primary Jaw
  • Metso ES403 Control Screen (6m x 2.4m)
  • Metso ES403 Secondary Screen (6m x 2.4m)
  • 1 x Metso HP400 Tertiary Cone Crusher
  • 42m Radial Stacker
  • Control room
  • 2 x Switch rooms (all electrical to mine spec)
  • Primary Crusher Ramp Structure
  • 3 x 450 KVA Genset Power bank

The project was completed with no LTI’s and the client achieved higher than budgeted gold recovery.

SMR Auxiliary Mobile Crushing & Screening | Arrium | Whyalla, SA | 2014-2019

Lucas TCS were engaged to provide auxiliary crushing and screening services for various Arrium Mining sites across the Southern Middleback Ranges, covering both the Whyalla and Coober Pedy regions.

The contract involved the rapid mobilisation to their various sites, to perform crushing and screening services, then demobilising and relocating to the next scheduled sites for the duration of the contract.

Our crushing and screening crews were required to be flexible, switching from single shift to double shift, often with very short notice to meet client needs.

The contract was based on processing between 65,000 to 95,000 tonnes per month producing both lump and fines and all-in fines product.

The plant used on the project consisted of the following:

  • Metso LT3054 tracked Jaw Crusher
  • Metso LT300GP tracked Cone Crusher
  • Metso LT1213s tracked impact crusher
  • Metso ST620 tracked Screen
  • 1 x Hitachi 47 tonne excavator
  • 1 x CAT 988 front end loader
  • Tracked and wheeled material stackers
  • Dozers and watercarts as required

APY Lands Crushing | DPTI | APY Lands, SA | 2016-2017

In 2016, Lucas TCS was awarded the contract to raise and crush over 450,000 tonnes of PM2/30 QG pavement material within the remote Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY Lands).

The scope of work included the following:

  • Mobilisation of all plant materials and equipment;
  • Overburden stripping
  • Ripping and raising of material from borrow pit;
  • Crushing and screening of pavement material;
  • Site Rehabilitation;

Drill and blast was not permitted in the APY lands and all material was ripped and raised using a large tracked dozer.  The feed material from the designated borrow pits was of marginal quality.  The crushing team sampled every 1,000 tonnes processed and continually adjusted the crushing circuit, scalping rate and feed blend to ensure the PM2/30 QG specification was met.

The plant used on the project consisted of the following:

  • Metso LT3054 Tracked Jaw Crusher
  • Metso LT300GP Tracked Cone Crusher
  • Metso ST620 Tracked Screen
  • Metso ST2.8 Tracked Reclaimer
  • 1 x Hitachi 47 tonne excavator
  • 1 x CAT 988 front end loader
  • 1 x Articulated Dump Truck
  • 1 x CAT D10 dozer

Other Crushing Campaigns

Lucas TCS has also undertaken various crushing campaigns for Local Councils and Government Authorities and Private Companies.

Some of these projects include:

  • Bald Hill Crushing & Quarry Services, Adelaide Brighton Cement Limited
  • ASTC Crushing, Alice Springs Town Council
  • Iron Sultan Crushing, OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd
  • Boral Linwood Crushing, Boral Construction Materials Group Ltd
  • Boral Whyalla Crushing, Boral Construction Materials Group Ltd
  • Bowhill Crushing & Carting Rubble, Bowhill Engineering
  • Barunga West Crushing, Barunga West Council
  • Limestone Crushing, Cape Jaffa Development Company
  • Concrete Crushing, City of Marion
  • Cave Quarries Crushing, Cave Quarries Pty Ltd
  • Concrete Crushing, City of Whyalla
  • Construction Material Pavement Crushing, Pipa Kalka APY, DPTI
  • Concrete Crushing, Flinders Ports Pty Ltd
  • Concrete Crushing, Fleurieu Waste Authority
  • Aggregate Screening, Glencore, McArthur River Mine
  • Copper Ore Screening, OZ Minerals Prominent Hill MIne
  • ODT Crushing, ODT Australis Pty Ltd
  • Port Pirie Crushing, Port Pirie Regional Council
  • Concrete Crushing, Port Pirie Regional Council
  • Concrete Crushing, ResourceCo
  • Bitumen Crushing, City of Tea Tree Gully
  • Graphite Ore Crushing Port Lincoln, Valence Industries

Lucas TCS have also supplemented Civil Works with crushing on project sites for material. 

Projects include:

  • Cultana Defence
  • Granville Harbour Wind Farm
  • The Bend Motorsport Park
  • Ararat Wind Farm
  • BHP Mt Keith Haul Road
  • MMG Dugald River Road
  • T-Ports Lucky Bay Grain Bunkers




District Council of Yorke Peninsula - Capping and Closure Works

Recently completed the capping and closure works at Port Vincent Landfill and Arthurton Landfill to satisfy to the closure works to EPA requirements.

Mindarie 'C' Mineral Sands Mining Project

Lucas TCS completed a contract for Murray Zircon at the Mindarie site in July, 2015.

Completed in just under three years, the contract involved mining over 15,500,000 m3 of overburden, as well as seven million tonnes of ore providing continuous feed to the Murray Zircon Processing Plant.

In addition, Lucas TCS also completed the construciton of a tailings cell, and maintained progressive rehabilitation of the Mindarie Mineral Sands Mine near Karoonda, South Australia.

As this project was situated on freehold darming land, Lucas TCS required adherence to stringent environmental and rehabilitation conditions on site. As a result, we liaised closely with Murray Zircon to ensure all of the specific project requiremetns and expectations were met.

Highbury Landfill - Capping and Closure Works

Scope of works included filling approx. 100,000m3 site won material to bring site to design subgrade levels; supply and lay approx. 100,000m2 of geosynthetic clay liner to the existing waste cell including subsoil capping and topsoil; wetland construction; leachate pond construction; stormwater management; supply and lay landfill gas management system; access tracks and fencing.

Frome Road Carpark Restoration to Parklands - Site Remediation

Scope of works included excavating contaminated material from hotspots and place and compact on-site to design subgrade levels; maintaining records of material movements on and off site; supply and lay geosynthetic clay liner to cap and contain contaminated material remaining on-site; supply and lay imported capping and topsoil to bring site to design levels; swale drain construction; stormwater management; and pavements.

Adelaide Hills Council - Tiers Road, Woodside Depot - Site Remediation 

Scope of works included removal of vegetation and dispose off site; excavation of contaminated material; removal of contaminated material to stockpile; backfill and compact excavation with onsite fill; supply and place rubble over excavation area; fortnightly turning of contaminated stockpile; demolish and remove existing building; break up and remove concrete ground slabs; site clean-up; concrete repair inside existing building and decommissioning monitoring wells.

Tracy Street, Exeter - Remediation - Subdivision - Lucas TCS Joint Venture Partner

This project included the remediation of the site and groundwater decontamination to a former council works depot. Contaminated Spoil from the site was taken to Lucas TCS bioremediation facility at the Southern Waste Depot for processing prior to disposal. Backfilling and build-up of the site using imported fill from Lucas TCS facility to allow residential development.   Removal of underground storage tanks was also included in the works and contaminated ground water treatment was undertaken on site. A full environmental audit was performed prior to handing over the subdivision to private building contractors for residential development. Lucas TCS acted as a project manager and joint venture partner.

SAHT - Livingstone Avenue - Site Remediation 

Scope of works included the demolition and removal from site of existing buildings, the selective excavation, onsite stockpiling, testing and ultimate disposal offsite at the Southern Waste Depot.

Castalloy - Wingfield Site Remediation

The site located on Johannson Rd Wingfield is now an extension to the site of the ION Automotive manufacturing complex. The site measured approximately 150m x 260m and involved excavating the entire site to a depth of 2m to remove uncontrolled fill including, clinical/laboratory wastes, glass, concrete, plastic metals and ceramics. The site exceeded the EPA guidelines for clean fill disposal for arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead and zinc. 60,000 m3 of material was removed separated and recompacted for building development. Containment cell for contaminated material was constructed and covered.

Harbourside Quays - Bioremediation

In conjunction with Lorenzin Construction and Urban Projects Authority (formerly MFP) involved Lucas TCS with the transportation of approximately 30,000 tonnes  of contaminated material to Lucas landfill at Southern Waste and back loading with clean filling sand from the site to remediate suitable for residential use. Material was remediated with joint venture partner Flinders bioremediation at Lucas TCS specially developed and licensed facility Southern Waste depot. Project involved extensive pilot trails to establish process to treat PAH contamination.   

Project met the clients objectives in the fact that the highly contaminated material was removed from site and treatment could take place offsite thereby minimizing impacts on residents and site works could be completed in a timely manner. Site was developed before material had completed remediation and disposed of. Significant savings in development time and costs were achieved adopting this approach.

Adelaide City Council - Halifax Street Works Depot

Project involved transport of 40,000 tonnes of high level contaminated material and supply of clean backfill material for residential development. Project required licensing of Lucas facility for Enhanced Thermal conduction by Thiess and processing at our depot before final disposal to landfill.

APY Lands - Indulkana Main Access Road

Lucas TCS has recently completed the Indulkana Main Access Road construction for DPTI in the APY Lands.

The project involved the reconstruction and bitumous surfacing of the main access road between Indulkana and the Stuart Highway.

Lucas TCS was required to complete the project works in accordance to strict environmnental management practices toward the local flora and fauna. Lucas TCS appointed a tertiary-qualified Environmental Management Representative, who was responsible for ensuring that all earthworks undertaken were completed with minimal detrimental impact to the existing environment.

Jacinth Ambrosia Mine

Since 2008, Lucas TCS has completed a number of contracts for Iluka Resources' Jacinth Ambrosia Mine development.

As the required project works involved operating within natural and farming environments, Lucas TCS was required to meet stringent mining and rehabilitation conditions.



Road Construction


Mimili to Indulkana Main Access Road | DPTI | APY Lands, SA | 2019-2020

Lucas TCS have been awarded the contract for the reconstruction of approximately 70km of the Main Access Road between Mimili and Indulkana in the APY Lands.

Works include the following:

  • Construction of turkey nest dam(s) including supply, installation and maintenance of all associated infrastructure
  • Removal and disposal of vegetation
  • Stripping of topsoil to a depth of 100mm
  • Excavate all windrow material within the CAZ to natural surface level.
  • Cut to fill earthworks to create side drains and shaping of the road formation
  • Loading and hauling of pavement material
  • Construction of waterway crossings and flood ways
  • Supply and application of 10mm Primerseal bituminous surfacing
  • Supply and Install pipes and headwalls
  • Pavement marking
  • Maintaining all access tracks and roads for the duration of the contract

A requirement for the project was to employ a minimum of 30% local Anangu personnel during the contract term.

This was achieved by employing an Indigenous Mentor to facilitate communication with the local APY communities and bridging the gap between Indigenous personnel and Project Management.

Mt Keith Haul Road | Qube Bulk Pty Ltd | Willuna, WA | 2019

The Mt Keith Haul Road is a 17km expansion project that is being constructed to develop a satellite mine to the main BHP Nickel West’s Mt Keith mining operation.

Lucas TCS were engaged by Qube Bulk to design and construct a 16.5km Haul Road with a 1.8m separation bund between the haul road and heavy mine vehicle access road.

The road needed to be of sufficient integrity to manage 6-wheel, 300 tonne mine trucks.

Works included:

  • 15m wide heavy vehicle access track
  • Heavy vehicle passing bays
  • Drainage for the floodplains to handle sheet flow
  • Floodways and culvert structures

Temporary water facilities for pumping and storage of construction water.

Works also included the cut and fill of over 180,000m3 of site won cut and fill material over the 17km roadway and with grade requirements of a maximum 3% for haul trucks with some cutting designed to exceed 7m on depth through hard rock material.

The project involved a detailed geotechnical investigation of the insitu soils and cut and fill materials, along with local rock sources for sub base and base course materials.

To assist the project, Lucas TCS produced our own sub base and base course onsite, crushing and screening over 200,000 tonnes.

Carrapateena Southern Access Road | OZ Minerals | Pernatty, SA | 2018-2019

Lucas TCS were awarded the contract by OZ Minerals for the localised upgrades of the Southern Access Road (SAR) at the Carrapateena Mine Site to accommodate over size and over mass vehicles.

The objective of this project was to improve safety at nine identified locations along the road, six on the public road section, and a further three on the private (OZM) section to Austroads and ARRB standards.

The improvements were specifically to enable A-Double vehicles to simultaneously pass one another while travelling in opposite directions at the nominated locations

The SAR is an unsealed road varying between 6-8.5m wide, and was generally formed below the surrounding natural surface level, particularly along the public road section, providing difficulties in terms of drainage of the road surface.

The scope also included using excavated material on site to build an embankment, in some locations up to 1.5m from the natural surface.

Works required pavement widening, provision of drainage swales, relocation of existing signage, and a full width overlay of a 200mm wearing course for the full extent of the works.

D&C Augusta, Eyre & Lincoln Highway Overtaking Lanes | DPTI | Whyalla, SA | 2018

In early 2018, Lucas TCS was awarded the D&C contract of three overtaking lanes and a junction upgrade on the Augusta, Eyre and Lincoln Highways to improve safety and increase efficiency.

Lucas TCS partnering with SMEC took the initial design from DPTI and by challenging the design requirements managed to optimise the design.

The scope of works included the following:

  • Design and approvals of road geometry, traffic control devices, structures, drainage and environment
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Topsoil strip and stockpile
  • Sawcutting of existing pavement edges
  • Cut and import to fill
  • Shape and trim batters
  • Supply and install culverts and headwalls
  • Subgrade preparation
  • Sub base and base course preparation
  • Bituminous surfacing and sealing
  • Traffic management
  • Installation of road furniture and audio tactile line marking

One of the challenges was a lack of good pavement material so Lucas TCS selected, sourced and crushed over 46,500 tonnes from local borrow pits.

Lucas TCS completed the project with up to three work fronts working  simultaneously and also received approval for the use of a waste byproduct from the Whyalla Steel Mill which through testing was able to achieve certification of the material to a PM2/20 standard.

George Fisher Haul Road | Mt Isa Mines | Mt Isa, QLD | 2015-2016

In late 2015 early 2016, Lucas TCS successfully completed the reconstruction of a portion of the George Fisher Haul Road for Mount Isa Mines.

The scope of works involved profiling off the damaged seal over parts of the existing roadway, adding high CBR quarry products, mixing and placing these with binders to strengthening the pavement.

A 5km section of this roadway was then further resealed.

Work also included excavation of the Mullock Creek Crossing to a suitable level, followed by the placement of thick pavement slabs, edge protection and erosion control.

This project commenced directly after the completion of Glencore’s McNamara Haul Road Reconstruction, and Lucas TCS was sole sourced for the project due to our successful relationship on previous projects

McNamara Road Upgrade | Noranda Pacific/Lady Loretta | Mt Isa, QLD | 2015

Lucas TCS were required to build approximately 51km of new roadway to replace a dusty, ill formed access road which serviced two mine sites and local communities.

The project was on a gazetted indigenous reserve and had a requirement that all material for the road was to be sourced within 100m of the centreline.

Lucas TCS performed the following scope of works:

  • Clear and grub and topsoil strip
  • Survey and setout
  • Establishment of borrow pits and pit extraction
  • Material haulage, stockpiling, blending and conditioning of stockpile materials
  • Crushing and screening
  • Earthworks, subgrade preparation, trimming and compaction
  • Road reconstruction, traffic management and diversion tracks
  • Dust suppression
  • Installation of culverts, shotcrete head walls and road furniture.

One of the largest challenges was the production of a suitable pavement material from the range of poor-quality bush gravel and soil and the requirement the base course should resist regular flooding.

Extensive testing was carried out with various stabilising agents including lime, cement, bitumen and a number of proprietary products.

Lucas TCS provided an engineering solution to use local materials and proposed the use of an innovative stabilising binder to reduce moisture ingress into the pavement, even during flooding, providing increased pavement strength.

Dugald River Mine Access Roads | MMG Limited | Mt Isa, QLD | 2013

Lucas TCS was engaged for construction of two Access Road contracts for the Dugald River Mine.

The first was the Main Access Road approximate 10 km in length and the second, running concurrently with the first was the Village Access road, approximately 3km in length through rocky and difficult terrain.

Construction also included an 80m bridge structure, multiple culvert crossings and a CASA specification Emergency Airstrip inbuilt into a widened section of the road.

The works were undertaken within an accelerated program and time frame due to the geographical location of the site, ensuring the works were completed before the onset of the wet season.

Lucas TCS worked closely with MMG Ltd and the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Queensland on the newly created Burke Development Road and Dugald River Access Road Intersection, to ensure the intersection was completed to TMR specifications, as well as with appropriate safety and traffic management on a critical path timeline.

Intersection works included road construction, line marking, stormwater diversions and road furniture.

The main access road was completed on time and within budget with no LTI’s, whilst maintaining access to the mine and other construction activities.

Osborne Mine Haul Road | Ivanhoe Australia | Selwyn, QLD | 2012

In 2012, Lucas TCS completed the construction of a 47km Haul Road for Ivanhoe Australia Limited, stretching from Mt Dore to Osborne, as part of the Osborne Mine.

The scope included clearing and grubbing, topsoil stripping, and the cut and fill of approximately 500,000m³ of site won material.

Also included in the scope of works was pavement construction, the construction of 50 culvert crossings and the Mort River crossing and the rehabilitation of areas impacted by construction activities.

Communications and logistics were challenging on the project due to the natural terrain and the remote nature of the project.

Considerable stretches of the road through very hard rocky outcrops required detailed drilling and blasting to achieve the road formation.

Halfway through the project, the mine changed ownership and the project involved a significant re-design and optimisation whilst under construction to facilitate redefined project objectives.

The project was completed both ahead of schedule and to the revised project budget.

Peculiar Knob Haul Road | Arrium | Near Coober Pedy, SA | 2011-2012

Lucas TCS were contracted to construct 97km of heavy haul road to service the Peculiar Knob mine site.

The road was required to withstand repeated heavy loads and was designed to handle the movement of 4Mtpa.

Lucas TCS cleared nearly 2,000,000m² of a heavily vegetated area for the infrastructure and roadworks and the road was constructed using onsite materials and approximately 300,000m³ of cut and fill earthworks to form the alignment.

The pavements in areas exceeded 500mm in depth and all materials were selectively sourced, won, and processed from onsite borrow pits, variable in nature, that were proved and tested along the main alignment.

Also constructed were rail embankments and turnouts, extensive stormwater infrastructure, turkey nests, over 150,000m² of various hard stands for crushing and ROM stockpiles and an underpass to the Stuart Highway.

Many challenges were overcome onsite including the selection and sourcing of suitable material for the cut and fill operations and pavement construction, limited water supply and quality, and construction of the haul road and maintaining access to both the Wirrida Siding and the operating mine.

The project was successfully completed within the time and budget constraints and was the third Stuart Highway underpass that Lucas TCS constructed for various clients within a 30km radius.

Tropicana Haul Road | AngloGold Ashanti | NE Kalgoorlie, WA | 2011-2012

Lucas TCS was awarded the first contract on the Tropicana Gold Project in Western Australia to construct 223km of heavy haul road to service the new Tropicana Gold mine site located 300km North East of Kalgoorlie.

Works included the clearing and grubbing, stripping and preparation of over 4,000,000m² of area, cut and fill of approximately 500,000m³ and pavement construction of nearly 1,000,000 tonnes.

The project also included the construction of turkeys nests, hardstands and the construction of a 66m long precast bridge over the Ponton Creek.

Lucas TCS also provided camp accommodation and all facilities for the contract onsite and prior to construction designed and built a 250mm diameter—24km buried bore field delivery pipeline to service the project with water.

The Project encompassed 2 accommodation camps and multiple work fronts to complete the project in the 12-month time frame, including mobilisation and establishment.

Works were completed under project budget and with a peak workforce of around 75 personnel, road production averaged 700m per day.

Prominent Hill Concentrate Haul Road | OZ Minerals | Near Coober Pedy, SA | 2007-2008

The Prominent Hill Mine is a major copper and gold mine located 650km north of Adelaide and 130km South East of Coober Pedy.

From 2006 to 2008 Lucas TCS undertook 7 major packages of work for OZ Minerals for the Prominent Hill mine site development works.

One major contract included the construction of an 84.5km roadway from the Site Access Road to the Wirrida siding which was located on the Adelaide to Darwin Railway Line.

The works included stripping an 18m wide corridor through varying terrain, some of which was heavily vegetated and cut and fill of up to 150,000m³ of site won material to construct the formation of the roadway.

Pavement material was site won from borrow pits adjacent to the roadway and selective winning and crushing of this material was undertaken to minimise costs and provide a fit for purpose haul road.

Key to the success of this project was the design input by Lucas TCS to minimise the cut and fill earthworks and pavement thickness, and the use of pavement trials and testing to prove the suitability of the existing borrow pit material for use as pavement materials.

The works were completed on time and on budget.


Mine Infrastructure


McArthur River Mine | McArthur River Mining/Glencore | McArthur, NT | 2015-2018

Since late 2015 Lucas TCS has assisted McArthur River Mining with complex civil projects.

In December 2015, Lucas TCS were consulted to develop an alternative method to dealing with problematic clay materials for the Basal compacted clay liner, and after a site visit proposed trialling a stabiliser unit to condition the compacted clay liner.

Working closely with McArthur River Mining, Lucas TCS were able to demonstrate the benefits of using a stabilising machine or the clay moisture, laying and compaction over the traditional rip, blade mix and compact methods which had proven to be inconsistent for previous projects.

Lucas TCS was awarded the next stage of the works including subgrade preparation and compacted clay liner which involved selective loading, hauling, moisture conditioning and compaction of materials in excess of 500,000m3.

Works also included construction of the 230,000m2 West PAF run-off dam (WPROD) within a very tight programme to ensure completion prior to the onset of the wet season.

Following the successful execution of the works, the Lucas TCS project team were awarded further works for the 2017 dry and wet seasons to continue NAF preparation, alluvial and batter works and final flood level clay liner construction.

Further contracts were awarded with clay liner works and the construction of the Eastern PAF Run-off dam (EPROD).

Prominent Hill TSF Uplift - Stage 4 | OZ Minerals | Near Coober Pedy, SA | 2017

In 2017, Lucas TCS returned to the Prominent Hill Mine Site for the TSF Uplift Stage 4 project for OZ Minerals.

The works were comprised of two parts, which covered the raising of the northern and southern TSF compacted clay walls along with a wearing course and filter zone and the works for the removal and replacement of the tails discharge lines.

Ten zones at approximately 550m in length were established with up and down ramps at each 550m interval. Clay was placed approx 6m wide and approx 375mm thick to achieve a 300mm compact layer once rolled.

Both the clay wall and filter zone were built 5m higher than the existing TSF wall with GPS enabled grader utilised to ensure the required levels.

The decant finger consisted mainly of a clay centre, sheeted on top with a wearing course and the decant finger walls armoured with course rock for added protection to avoid erosion and washouts.

Some project statistics include:

  • 184,639m3 compacted clay to raise the TSF wall
  • 131,560m3 filter zone material
  • 131,113m3 clay and rock to raise the decant finger
  • Approx 5,500m of tails line removed and reinstalled
  • Approx 14,280 bolts used on installed tails line

TThe project was delivered on time and within budget whilst developing a collaborative working relationship with the client.

Solomon Spur Rail Embankment | FMG | Pilbara, WA | 

The Solomon Spur rail line involved the construction of a new embankment of approximately 142km and associated infrastructure to accommodate the new rail to the Solomon Mine located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The works were separated amongst 4 contractors with Lucas TCS being awarded 28km of rail embankment for stages 5 & 6 of the Solomon Spur Rail project for the new FMG T155 expansion project

The work involved the sourcing, hauling, compacting and trimming of 500,000m3 of earth fill and subballast capping from local borrow pits along the alignment, and construction of over 6km of CSP culverts to withstand sheet flows and flooding regularly experienced in the region.

The works were undertaken as a 24-hour operation to meet the stringent project schedule and tight deadlines.

At peak over 120 personnel were engaged on the project across both shifts.

Lucas TCS mobilised and operated our own 170 man camp on site with overflow capacity from the main camp, as well as servicing the project FIFO operations with Lucas TCS company aircraft direct to site to avoid the long and hazardous transit from the mine back to Port Hedland.

Wonawinta TSF - Stage 1 | Cobar | Cobar, NSW | 2012

In 2012, as part of the mining contract, Lucas TCS completed Stage 1A of the Wonawinta Mine Site Tailings Storage Facility Construction.

Works included construction of the TSF which was approximately 700m x 700m in dimension with a footprint area of 49 hectares.

Stage 1A was constructed to contain a total of 900,000 tonnes of dry tailings and have the additional freeboard capacity to withstand a 1 in 100-year 72 hour flood event.

The embankment for Stage 1A was constructed up to 5m in height in controlled lifts and meeting stringent moisture and compaction specifications.

The works also included the construction of an access causeway to a central decant chamber and installation of a 550m length decant drainage pipe from the TSF central decant to process plant ponds

Prominent Hill TSF Uplift - Stage 2 | OZ Minerals | Near Coober Pedy, SA | 2011

In 2011, Lucas TCS returned to Prominent Hill for the Tailings Storage Facility uplift project for OZ Minerals.

This project was stage 2 south which included the lift of 5m around the full perimeter.

The project involved the construction of approximately 160,000m3 of clay liner, including ramps and the backfill of the wall and general plant hire.

Works were completed 2 months ahead of the original production schedule.

White Dam Process Ponds | Polymetals EXCO | Broken Hill, NSW | 2009-2010

In conjunction with the mining contract, Lucas TCS undertook the civil works for the construction of the HDPE lined leach pad.

The leach pad was for the extraction of pregnant solution from the heap leach operations at the White Dam Gold Mine.

The clay lined pad and HDPE liner was completed with a quick time frame to achieve the first gold production dates and exceeded 80,000m² in area.

White Dam HDPE Leach Pad | Polymetals EXCO | Broken Hill, NSW | 2009-2010

Lucas TCS in conjunction with the mining contract and the construction of the process ponds undertook the civil works for the construction of the HDPE lined Heap Leach Pad.

Construction consisted of two impermeable clay layers separated by a leak detection layer & 2.0mm HDPE Liner.

The Heap Leach operation was constructed during the life of the mine to a finished height of 22m. A sacrificial layer of material was placed over the liner prior to tipping ore to protect the integrity of the liner.

The ore on the leach pad was constructed in two lifts, the first being 10m and immediately followed by a 12m lift.

The material was mined selectively, and end tipped from an advancing face over the prepared pad.

The overall area of the Heap Leach operation exceeded 400,000m2.

The heap leach pad was planned to include the clay materials from the pit overburden removal, & had to progress at a rate that matched the mining of material, whilst being available for the stockpiling of ore which was contacted in the first few benches of the pit.

Due to the material balancing the leach pad was required quickly in the construction program of the mine to enable the targets of first gold production to be met.

In addition to the construction and mining, Lucas TCS also provided a Komatsu 465 60kL lime cart for the addition of lime to the stockpiles as they were constructed.

Jacinth Ambrosia Mine | Iluka Resources | Near Ceduna, SA | 2009-2010

The Jacinth Ambrosia Mine is one of the world’s largest mineral sands mines located 270km west of Ceduna in South Australia.

Lucas TCS were contracted to construct the following:

  • Permanent village for 300 personnel
  • 200m Airstrip
  • Over 92km of major road works
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Process water dams
  • Environmental dams
  • 5,500m³ of site batched concrete
  • 4,000 hold down bolts
  • 14km of underground services for the process facility including fire, process water and communications.

Despite the strict environmental conditions imposed by its location within a national park, the project was completed in just over 12 months with no Lost Time Injuries or environmental breaches and six months ahead of schedule.

Lucas TCS’ workforce entailed 180 personnel working across 7 contracts to complete all the civil works and trail mining and Lucas TCS were instrumental in assisting the project achieving multiple awards from industry bodies.

Lucas TCS proposed changes in the access road to reduce the cut/fill balance and adjust it to the local topography. This innovation cut three months from the project schedule and created a $4-5m saving for the client.

Jacinth Ambrosia Mine Process Water Dams | Iluka Resources | Near Ceduna, SA | 2009

As part of the Jacinth Ambrosia Mine Development Civil project, Lucas TCS undertook the construction of the process water dams, return water pond and concrete transfer weirs and spillways for the Jacinth Ambrosia Mine site, situated 300km west of Ceduna in South Australia.

The works involved the cut and fill of over 200,000m3 of material including the identification and removal of unsuitable subgrade material and the formation of batter walls in excess of 12m in height.

HDPE liner was installed to the pond including A64 cushioning geotextile and 1.5mm HDPE liner to the 300ML process water dam and 70ML Return Water Pond.

Despite the strict environmental conditions imposed by its location within a national park, the project was completed with no environmental breaches and Lucas TCS were instrumental in assisting the project achieving multiple awards from industry bodies.

Prominent Hill TSF |  OZ Minerals | Near Coober Pedy, SA | 2007-2008 

The Prominent Hill Mine is a major copper and gold mine located 650km north of Adelaide and 130km South East of Coober Pedy.

From 2006 to 2008 Lucas TCS undertook 7 major packages of work for OZ Minerals for the Prominent Hill mine site development works.

One major contract included for the construction of the starter embankment for the Tailings Storage Facility.

The Tailings dam was over 1.7km in diameter with a circumference of 5250m and required a clay liner to be installed to a thickness of 6m on the inside face of the dam.

Works included the excavation of a cut off trench through the oxidised shale material to a competent rock layer beneath, but due to the depth of this horizon, this proved difficult to achieve against the already placed waste rock forming the TSF formation.

Working with the designers, Lucas TCS work shopped a solution to use a Vermeer trenching machine to excavate a 900mm wide trench to the rock horizon to save the bulk excavation of over 3m of weathered rock.

The works also involved the moisture conditioning and compaction of over 500,000m³ of clay material, the installation of 4km of underfloor drainage and all associated infrastructure for return water systems.

The works were completed on time and under budget due to the reduction in rock excavation and at peak over 40 personnel were involved in the works.


Marine Construction


West Beach Sea Wall Reconstruction | City of Charles Sturt | Adelaide, SA | 2018-2019

In 2018, Lucas TCS were contracted by City of Charles Sturt to reconstruct 280m of rock sea wall located at West Beach.

Due to storm events the stability of the rock wall had been negatively impacted, leading to wave overtopping and collapse of many sections of the wall.

The rock wall height was 6.5m in height with reinforced concrete ‘L’ walls to define the upper edge of the sea wall whilst retaining ground on the landward, coast park/car park side.

The scope of works included:

  • Demolition of the existing sea wall and the sorting of rocks to maximise the reuse of rock from the existing seawall.
  • Placement of all additional required rock including unloading, handling, stockpiling, placement finishing
  • Reconstruction of the revetment seawall including the cast in situ retaining wall and crown wall and the precast concrete retaining wall elements.
  • Construction of all required stormwater infrastucture, concrete footpaths, fencing etc.

Thevenard Marine Offloading Facility | Maritime Constructions | Ceduna, SA | 2018-2019

In 2018, Lucas TCS were contracted by Maritime Constructions for the civil works associated with the construction of the Thevenard Marine Offloading Facility, a purpose built facility for the loading and unloading of commercial fishing vessels.

Lucas TCS were contracted for three distinct activities which were undertaken in stages.

The first was the placement and compaction of core fill, placement of geotextile fabric and the placement of the primary and secondary rock armour.

Lucas TCS were also responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a haul road between the pit and the project site and the supply and installation of the stormwater system.

Each activity was run in sequence over a length of the breakwater based on forecasted weather and tide events to ensure that the potential for erosion was reduced.

Common User Facility Air Warfare Ship Lift | McConnell Dowell | Port Adelaide, SA | 2008-2010

From 2008 to 2010, Lucas TCS completed works for McConnell Dowell for the new air warfare destroyer ship lift and dredging project.

The works involved the excavation of a 24m deep excavation adjacent to the Port River.

Works also included the dredging works with a special purpose built 120 tonne long reach excavator with extended boom and clamshell attachment for the excavation of the channel.

Lucas TCS undertook the project with the 24-hour unloading of the dredging operation and carting and sorting material to stockpiles onsite.

The project was delivered with extremely tight time constraints and changing site conditions.

Marina Hindmarsh Island | Hindmarsh Island Marina | Hindmarsh Island, SA | 2010

In 2010, Lucas TCS were contracted to construct Stages 7, 8a & 8b of the Marina Hindmarsh Island in South Australia.

Lucas TCS provided dewatering of the basin, bulk excavation, lagoon edging and roadway construction for the next stage of sale at the Marina Hindmarsh Island.

The excavation and compaction had block fill of approximately 150,000m³ of excavated material including the construction of all rock walling, services and roadways.

The works were undertaken in a short timeframe to meet the client’s strict schedule and were undertaken using difficult types of excavated materials as block fill which resulted in changing methodologies throughout construction.

Cape Jaffa Anchorage | Cape Jaffa Anchorage | Cape Jaffa, SA | 2007-2009

Lucas TCS were contracted to construct the Cape Jaffa Anchorage Marina, a sophisticated residential and commercial marina development comprising of some 100 allotments.

This project included the excavation of 3 million m³ of material from waterways, the construction of seawalls and the establishment of Block making for 22km of retaining wall for edge treatment.

The contract also included the construction of marina berths, a breakwater and 700m wharf area for commercial fishing fleets, the establishment of a sewer system and treatment plant, and other reticulated services. block walling, and roadways in this highly sensitive and complex marine environment.

Major challenges included the construction of the breakwater works in tough weather conditions and the environmental management of the local sea grasses, to ensure there was no damage to this delicate ecosystem.

The works were completed in early 2009 and took approximately 18 months to complete.

Other Marine Projects

Lucas TCS have extensive experience in the construction of boat ramps and breakwater structures for various district councils with works involving construction of cofferdams, concrete ramps, rock armour and revetment, and floating hardware.

Projects include:

  • Lucky Bay Sea Ferry Terminal
  • Kingston Boat Ramp
  • Robe Boat Ramp
  • Moana Boat Ramp
  • Port Lincoln Axel Stenross Boat Ramp
  • Lyrup Ferry Ramp Upgrade
  • Mannum Ferry Ramp Upgrade
  • Swan Reach Ferry Ramp Upgrade
  • Waikerie Ferry Ramp Upgrade
  • Wallaroo Sea Ferry Terminal
  • Whyalla Jetty Replacement