Safety and Environment


Community Relationships

The social responsibilities Lucas TCS prides itself upon in our operations also extend to local communities impacted or affected by our works. Whether providing support through a wide-ranging sponsorship program to local community groups and clubs, assisting in the creation and upkeep of local community infrastructure, helping build local businesses through the use of local products and services or through the employment and training of local labour, Lucas TCS always look to leave a favourable and long lasting impact in the local communities  in which we operate.

Where possible, Lucas TCS recruits locally to integrate unskilled, inexperienced personnel into our experienced operations personnel. This ensures that through our upskilling and training, new career paths and opportunties are opened. Lucas TCS actively employees Indigenous personnel from local areas when performing remote works, and have employed many individuals from Indigenous communities and towns that have gone on to be long-term employees. Furthermore, Lucas TCS also look to engage with local Indigenous business, companies and groups where appropriate.


Quality Assurance

Lucas TCS prides itself on the consistent quality of our work and deliverables. We recognise that managing project quality requires an integrated approach between the client and Lucas TCS Management. Lucas TCS is committed to delivering projects on time and on budget. This includes exceeding client expectations and providing profitable soultions to all stakeholders, whilst performing all works in an ethical and legal manner at all times.  

To support the company philosophy and standards, Lucas TCS has developed a formal Integrated Management System certified to ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems. It is the clear expectation that all Lucas TCS activities and employees strive to conform to the requirements of this system and these certifications. Lucas TCS will achieve this by having a trained and committed workforce who know and understand the operations of Lucas TCS’ Integrated Management System.

Lucas TCS quality control activities are performed continually to verify that project management and project deliverables are of high quality, as well as meeting the quality standards as specified in the contract documentation. This is to ensure that project outcomes satisfy the quality standards as set by the contract documentation, and will define and record quality reviews, test performance, and client acceptance through quality assurance methods.


Safety and Accreditations

At Lucas TCS, we view health and safety as core company value. We have recently demonstrated our safety commitment and advanced level of our systems through accreditation under the Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation Scheme. Issued by the Federal Safety Commissioner, Lucas TCS view this as a significant aspect of our HSEC systems as only a limited number of companies are accredited nationally. During the initial audit process, Lucas TCS achieved one of the highest conformance scores to date.

This commitment serves to guide all planning, decision making processes, actions and behaviours when conducting our business. Lucas TCS employees operate from the principal that all incidents and risks to health & safety can be prevented and controlled, and that quality, productivity, profitability and Safety are mutually supportive objectives. All employees are encouraged and expected to be safety role models by visibly and actively promoting and driving safety excellence at work, and never compromising the safety of themselves or others for productivity. This approach to safety is a deeply ingrained part of the Lucas TCS company culture, and ensures that we consistently complete projects without any recorded injuries. As a result, this is one of the reasons that Lucas TCS regularly attracts repeat business and clients.

As a leading earthmoving, civil construction and mining company, Lucas TCS operates heavy machinery in often remote areas where rigorous management systems and attention to detail are paramount. To ensure Lucas TCS continually exceeds the expectations of our clients, we have a professional HSEC team to oversee the HSEC Management System. Broad in scope and nature, this system is certified to ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

The HSEC Management system provides objective evidence of continuous improvement and our capability to fulfil contracted services that meet and exceed customer and legislative requirements. The system is capable of achieving customer satisfaction whilst driving critical health, safety and environmental criteria resulting from Lucas TCS and the customer pre-set parameters for any project or alliance. Lucas TCS acknowledges that for our HSEC and Quality Management System to be effective, the inclusion of objectives and targets are required to ensure that the outcomes of the system and projects are focused, reliable, useful to stakeholders, and that the management system is serving its intended purpose. Based on these reasons, Lucas TCS are committed to the creation of objectives and targets specific for the projects we undertake, and outlined within the HSEC and Quality Management Plans.

  • Health Safety and Injury Management Policy - Download


    Environmental commitment

    Lucas TCS Environmental Commitment

    Lucas TCS is fully committed to the effective management of environmental issues through the establishment and maintenance of environmental standards, consistent with information gained from developments in technology, industry codes of practice and all relevant statutory requirements. This commitment extends throughout all facets of the organization, and employees are educated and trained to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and practices. To this end, employees at all levels work together with management to identify potential environmental impacts and implement controls to minimise the effects of Lucas TCS operations.

    Having extensive experience in major earthmoving, construction and mining projects located in areas of national environmental or cultural significance, Lucas TCS has proven an ability to undertake works in the most sensitive of environments with minimal environmental impact to surrounding areas. We have been the principal contractor on large mining and infrastructure projects in all types of environments from remote outback areas, to sensitive marine ecosystems, including work on Aboriginal lands and conservation parks. As a demonstration of our commitment to environmental management, Lucas TCS employ a tertiary-qualified Environmental Management Representative who is responsible for adherene to environmental protection, safety and control systems throughout this project.

    Our comprehensive HSEC Management System and environmental management plans meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and are designed to ensure we comply with all government regulations involving the protection of fauna and flora, avoidance of pollution of land, water and air and effective and compliant waste management. As part of each project, Lucas TCS develops site-specific Environmental Management Plans.



    Part of the Lucas TCS strategy is to leave a positive legacy within the communities in which we work. This is the overlaying strategy for the majority of our sponsorship commitments. 

    In addition we are committed to supporting our Lucas TCS team members in the individual endeavours. Where possible we support their activities that they may be pursuing outside work. Sometimes these requests come in the form of donations for charity raising events or for a small sponsorship of a local community group.

    Lucas TCS continues to sponsor and support many charities and programmes, some of our recent sponsorships include:

    • Angaston Football Club
    • Westlands United Soccer and Social Club
    • Jason Gill Racing Australia
    • Whyalla Hockey Association
    • Brighton Junior Football Club


    Modern Slavery Statement

    Lucas has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to addressing any modern slavery risks in its operations and supply chains. We have undertaken an initial risk assessment of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. This statement outlines our progress to date and our current and future commitments.

    To view a copy of our Modern Slavery Statement please click the below link: